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An introduction to Clinic 03, which boasts 3 operating theatres, 4 wards with 60 beds, 6 ICU's, MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities.

Knee Replacement | £4500

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most popular types of orthopedic surgery. It can give a new lease of life to people whose existing knee joint has become worn out, weakened or badly damaged, causing pain and difficulty moving.


Price Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Pre-op tests
  • Operation with smith & nephew standard material
  • Anesthesia
  • Blood recuperation
  • Stay at clinic 4 days
  • All material
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Basic rehabilitation at clinic
  • Medical equipment
  • Postoperative medicine

    In Detail


The procedure consists of replacing the defective joint with a multi-part surgical implant, consisting of  Femoral components mostly made of metal (CrMoCo steel), fixed with bone cement, Tibial components usually made from titan and fixed with bone cement, and a Tibial plateau (a polyethylene sliding surface between femoral and tibial components).



Before your surgery, you will undergo a wealth of pre-op tests in conjunction with the clinic's state-of the art imaging centre, including ECG, laboratory tests, X- ray examination of the heart and lungs, dental, gynaecological and urological examination, in part to inform use of medication for the control of blood coagulation.


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The Clinic


The clinic boasts three operating theatres, 4 wards containing 60 beds, and 6 ICU's, as well as MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities. Your knee replacement will be performed in the clinic's specialized center for orthopedics, which is fitted with the latest high quality equipment supplied by renowned manufacturers, including a Smith & Nephew arthroscopic system which allows minimally invasive surgery. The clinic guarantees supra-sceptic conditions and disposable surgical props are used. The highly qualified and experienced team aim to provide a pain-free experience through careful use of sedation, anesthetic and post-surgery painkillers. The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes and is normally performed under local anesthetic and sedation.


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After your procedure has been performed, you will be monitored in an ICU for 24 hours. You will stay in the clinic for a total of 4 nights and undergo some physiologist-lead post-surgery rehabilitation in order to help you get used to your new joint. You will be provided with axillar crutches and medication.


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Rehabilitation Centre





The new specialist rehabilitation centre boast a wealth of equipment designed to enable an array of therapies - in order to provide the best post-operative recovery.


The centre is lead by a doctor with specialized qualifications in the field, with the therapeutic team made up of mostly university-educated professional physiotherapists.


Dr Otepka MD