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An introduction to Clinic 03, which boasts 3 operating theatres, 4 wards with 60 beds, 6 ICU's, MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities.

Hip Replacement | £4700

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most popular types of orthopedic surgery. It can give a new lease of life to people whose existing hip joint has become worn out, weakened or badly damaged, either through osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or hip fracture, causing pain and difficulty moving.

Price Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Pre-op tests
  • Operation with smith & nephew standard material
  • Anesthesia
  • Blood recuperation
  • Stay at clinic 4 days
  • All material
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Basic rehabilitation at clinic
  • Medical equipment
  • Postoperative medicine

    In Detail


The procedure consists of replacing the defective joint with a surgical implant. The socket of acetabula, as well as the head of the thigh bone are replaced. Filler is put into imbedded socket, making a sliding surface. The head of endoprosthesis is mounted on the stem cone. The sliding surfaces are made with materials like CrMoCo steel, polyethylene, ceramics and oxinium. The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes.



Before your surgery, you will undergo a wealth of pre-op tests in conjunction with the clinic's state-of the art imaging centre, including ECG, laboratory tests, X- ray examination of the heart and lungs, dental, gynaecological and urological examination, in part to inform use of medication for the control of blood coagulation.


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The Clinic


The clinic boasts three operating theatres, 4 wards containing 60 beds, and 6 ICU's, as well as MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities. Your hip replacement will be performed in the clinic's specialized center for orthopedics, which is fitted with the latest high quality equipment supplied by renowned manufacturers, including a Smith & Nephew arthroscopic system which allows minimally invasive surgery. The clinic guarantees supra-sceptic conditions and disposable surgical props are used. The highly qualified and experienced team aim to provide a pain-free experience through careful use of sedation, anesthetic and post-surgery painkillers.


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After your procedure has been performed, you will be monitored in an ICU for 24 hours. You will stay in the clinic for a total of 4 nights and undergo some physiologist-lead post-surgery rehabilitation in order to help you get used to your new joint. You will be provided with axillar crutches and medication.


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Dr Otepka MD



Rehabilitation Centre





The new specialist rehabilitation centre boast a wealth of equipment designed to enable an array of therapies - in order to provide the best post-operative recovery.


The centre is lead by a doctor with specialized qualifications in the field, with the therapeutic team made up of mostly university-educated professional physiotherapists.