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An introduction to Clinic 03, which boasts 3 operating theatres, 4 wards with 60 beds, 6 ICU's, MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities.

Dr Suclova | CV

This is the CV for Dr Suclova. As with all the plastic surgeons selected by the Clinics, Dr Suclova is highly qualified and experienced in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and is a member of the Czech Medical Society.

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Dr Suclova MD


1993 Graduated from Charles University Medical Faculty

1997 First Degree Specialist post graduate diploma in surgery

2003 Post graduate diploma in plastic surgery


1990 Oncology Clinic, University Hospital, Germany

1991 Ear, nose, throat and facial surgery. University hospital, Germany

1993 to present, active participation at the annual Czech and Slovak plastic surgery association scientific conference

1994 to 2003 participant in various post graduate courses on the issues surrounding aesthetic plastic surgery. This included modern techniques (facelifts and complementary procedures, blepharoplasty, aesthetic contouring of the facial skeleton, rhinoplasty, body contouring, breast reconstruction, aesthetic breast surgery - modelling, reduction and augmentation, use of transplantation)

1998 Injury surgery and hand surgery clinic, Zittau Hospital, Germany

1999 to 2000 Postgraduate healthcare education institute, Plastic surgery clinic, Bulovka faculty hospital

2002 Plastic surgery department, Faculty hospital

2002,2003 Plastic surgery clinic, St Annes hospital

2003 Plastic surgery clinic, Klalovske Vinohrady Faculty hospital


1993 - 1994 House physician, Julemnice Hospital. Anaesthesiology resuscitation dept

1994 - 1996 House Physician, Plastic surgery institue, Vysoke nad Jizerou

1997 House Physician, Neratovice Hospital, surgery dept

1997 House physician, Semily Hospital and Polyclinic surgery dept

1997 - 1998 House physician, Kralovske Vinohrady faculty hospital, Prague, Burns clinic

1999 - 2004 House physician, Na Homolce Hospital, Prague, cosmetic surgery dept

2004 - present Doctor working independantly in the field of plastic surgery, Na Homolce Hospital, Prague, Surgery dept

2004 - present Private practice with licence to perform plastic surgery

Scientific Research

Evaluation and significance of pre-hospital treatment for burn trauma - Kalarova, Suclova lecture at the 1997 Congress on burn treatmnent, Hradec Kralove. 1998 - burns and urgent medical treatment clinic days, Opava - "dostal days"

The psychosmatic effects of post operational complications on plastic and aesthetic surgery clients - 2005 lecture - International Congress, Roznov pod Radhostem

Professional Membership

Czech Medical Association

Czech Medical Doctors Association