Beautiful Beings

An introduction to Clinic 03, which boasts 3 operating theatres, 4 wards with 60 beds, 6 ICU's, MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities.

Cosmetic Surgeons

The surgeons who will perform your cosmetic surgery procedure.

The clinics have carefully selected surgeons that have experience and expertise in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to the highest standard.

In the UK there is currently no legislation governing cosmetic surgery, which means that whilst there are very skilled cosmetic surgeons operating here, there are also general surgeons and doctors undertaking complex cosmetic surgery procedures. This is not the case in many European countries, where cosmetic surgery is strictly controlled.

Dr Jarebek MD


Dr Satekova MD


Dr Justin Phd


Dr Mosillova MD


Dr Hovan MD
Dr Vecek MD
Dr Brikta MD

Dr Kuhenick MD
Dr Toskova MD
Dr Suclova MD
Dr Pilkar MD
Dr Smirka MD
Dr Otepka MD