Beautiful Beings

An introduction to Clinic 03, which boasts 3 operating theatres, 4 wards with 60 beds, 6 ICU's, MRI, CT, Sonography and X-ray facilities.

Cosmetic Procedures

A range of cosmetic procedures arranged by Beautiful Beings. All available procedures are not listed. If you cannot see the procedure you require, please contact us for more information

While we attempt to provide accurate prices, we also aim to provide you flexibility during consultation for your chosen procedure, and to cater for individual circumstances.

This information is provided to the general public to give general information regarding cosmetic surgery. This is in no way a substitute for a thorough consultation with a surgeon as each case is specific

Breast Enlargement
Ear Pinning
Face Lift
Breast Reduction
& Uplift
Eye Surgery
Nose Surgery
Tummy Tuck